Meet the Stars

Aaron Ayen shares his story of recovery through In Our Own Voice. He enjoys reading science fiction. The Stars have helped him use the skills that he learned.
Linda (Butler) Kinas found out about the Stars by attending a NAMI family educational class. She enjoys performing and being part of the group. The Stars help her spread the word about NAMI education and support programs.
Brian Cadmus enjoys being a part of the Stars of Light. He has always wanted to try acting. He enjoys working with and being around people who face problems that are similar to his.
Mike Corey is a professional singer and song writer. He enjoys playing guitar and is soon to be an author. Mike is an advocate for autism, mental health and anything else that can make the world a better place.
Tiffany Davis shares her story through In Our Own Voice. She enjoys writing poetry and music. She hopes to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness.
Charles Holloway recently joined the Stars. He enjoys being part of the group and making people laugh. He feels part of the team.
Heidi Korf is a dog lover and dog rescuer. She has been with the Stars since 2002. The Stars are her support and part of her recovery.
Mary Gubbe Lee has been with the Stars since 1995. She serves as stage mom, producer, driver and actress. The people in the troupe are her inspiration and provide her with the fortitude to work in behavioral health.
(Angela) Angie Lingelbach started hanging out with the Stars watching rehearsals and tour shows. After a few years she stepped out on stage and has been with the troupe ever since. She enjoys spending time with family, being a mother, video games and reads everything she possibly can.
Tracy Meinert joined the Stars shortly after they began. After a break, she returned full force and enjoys sharing her story of recovery. She writes poetry and participates in arts projects.
Tom Ross enjoys his favorite role as a comedian in “Waka Waka”. His hobbies are reading and walking. The Stars of Light have been key in building his self-esteem.
Stewart Veitch began with the Stars as a roadie. After a few tour show seasons he began participating in shows. He enjoys adding sounds to the performances.
Stephen F. Vrtol, III is a professional actor and psychosocial rehab professional. Steve directs tour shows and radio shows, writes material and conducts client groups using the expressive arts. The Stars are his inspiration and his teachers.
Lisa Warkins started acting in high school. She is involved in the Special Olympics and plays bocce and basketball. She enjoys being on stage and telling jokes.