Supported & Supervised Living

Fully Supervised Group Homes

Group homes are designed to provide residents with 24-hour-a-day supervision.

These homes situated in average residential neighborhoods in Rockford, serve six to eight adults and offer the comforts of family living, semi-private bedrooms and common living, cooking, dining and recreational areas. Here in safe, structured and supportive environments, residents take part in planned mental health recovery, social and recreational activities and are encouraged to participate in other community activities as well. As part of a household unit, residents begin to re-build the life skills they will need to live more independently.

A rehabilitation supervisor, program manager, mental health professional or rehabilitative service aide is available at all times. Our staff’s primary role is to assist or monitor each resident in developing skills from medication management, personal hygiene and money management to the shared tasks of housekeeping, weekly shopping and meal preparation. Since many residents have never been responsible for such activities or, due to a recent period of instability, have lost their skills in these areas; our program places major emphasis on step-by-step teaching of skills as simple as dusting to more complex skills like handling personal finances in a responsible and consistent manner.

The staff of Stepping Stones assists residents in application for and administration of medical, financial and related benefits. Counseling, problem solving and crisis intervention is provided to residents as needed.

These setting become home for our residents and the length of stay ranges from several months to several years depending on the individual needs and progress. Family participation and visiting is available.

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Fully Supervised Apartment Programs

Stepping Stones operates two fifteen-unit apartment facilities which are supervised 24-hours-a-day. Each person participating in this program has their own single bedroom apartment. The Overdene site serves fifteen adult females and the City View site serves fifteen adult males. These programs offer housing and psychiatric rehabilitation opportunities for individuals who have developed the skills necessary to live somewhat independently while still having access to staff on a 24-hour-a-day basis as needed.

Participants are encouraged to further their recovery by re-claiming their social roles in areas such as returning to work, furthering their education, volunteering, reuniting with family, establishing healthy friendships, and participating in the many beneficial aspects of our community. After experiencing a period of symptom stability, many individuals in this program are now ready to engage in counseling and the more complex concepts of recovery.

Successful participation in this program means the person is a step closer to increased independence and upon completion is able to move on to even more independent living.

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Supported Housing-River North

This facility provides supported apartment living and psychiatric rehabilitation services for eligible seniors fifty years of age and older. This program is designed to provide the proper amount of supervision, education and support that individuals who are aging need in order to maintain stability and their community living. Clinical services are provided throughout the day and into the evening. This setting allows individuals to avoid or greatly delay hospitalization and institutional living while taking full advantage of their community. The program has capacity for forty individuals. Participants share an apartment with another roommate.

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Supported Housing-Agency Owned Homes and Apartments

Stepping Stones owns and operates two homes and three apartment complexes that are operated as supported housing environments for individuals who have demonstrated progress sufficient for more independent living. The difference at these sites, from our supervised facilities, is that no agency staff member is located on-site at these locations.

Each person has a primary Program Manager assigned. While individuals in this program live more independently, Program Managers continue to provide the necessary services and support through periodic visits to ensure previous progress obtained is maintained. This setting allows participants the freedom to continue their personal recovery through participation in work, educational opportunities, family activities, community events and related activities. Participants are also encouraged to embrace the recovery model and practice the skills that will make them even more independent and less reliable on the formal mental health system.

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Supported Housing-Independent Living

In addition to working with individuals who live in the agency owned facilities discussed above, the Apartment Program is designed for those who are able to live independently in an apartment on their own or with others or in a one of the apartments operated by the Rockford Housing Authority. This program is appropriate for individuals who have progressed through our continuum of care or for those who upon entering our agency have the skills necessary for independent living but are still in need of case management services.

In order to be successful in the apartment program, participants must have the ability to self monitor their medications and develop sufficient insight into their illness, symptoms and signs of relapse in order to be able to utilize their Program Manager, support system or agency on-call system to overcome problems and difficulties that occur.