Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Traditional day treatment services have been replaced with structured Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services. These educational classes include job training programs, computer training classes and involvement in consumer forums and related training. These services are provided at the corporate facility-the Mildred Kral Rehabilitation Center located at 706 N. Main Street in Rockford.

Stepping Stones’ psycho-social rehabilitation (PSR) services educate participants about daily living skills in an individual or group format. The skills addressed focus on management of mental illness and independent living.  Groups consist of a variety of subjects relating to mental and physical well-being and are offered five days a week, 4.5 hours or more a day. The groups are held at the Mildred Kral Rehabilitation Center and the River North facility. Group topics change often but include topics such as: Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional Intensity Disorder, Wellness, Life Skills, Symptom Management, Smoking Cessation and Weight Management.