Psychiatric & Medical Services

Psychiatry Services

The organization has two consulting psychiatrics who are available to individuals participating in our program on an on-call 24 hours a day basis to prescribe psychotropic medications. Those served see their psychiatrist during clinics on-site at the Mildred Kral Center or the River North facility. This arrangement allows for careful case coordination between all clinical staff. Every person in the program is evaluated by their psychiatrist at least every 90 days, or more often as needed.

Medication Services

Proper management of medications is a critical part of successful recovery from serious mental illnesses. Because of this, clinical staff provides assistance in obtaining medications from a central pharmacy for all individuals in the program. Additionally medication storage, education and monitored services are provided to all residents at supervised sites and to individuals at certain supported housing sites. Medication education and monitoring is provided to all individuals receiving agency services.

Nursing Services

Individuals with serious mental illnesses live on average twenty five years fewer than the rest of the population. This is related to secondary health issues impacted by lack of access to proper medical services, medications and lifestyle choices. Stepping Stones recognizes these risks and works to help individuals receive integrated healthcare services. The agency nurse takes a lead in monitoring linkages to medical providers such as Crusaders Clinic and coordinating this care with the consulting psychiatrist and the treatment teams.