Counseling & Intervention


Psychotherapy is an important service available to individuals who request participation and are deemed ready to benefit from this service. Counseling goals typically focus on improved psychiatric stability, increased independence, improved symptom management and improved emotional regulation. Counseling is generally time-limited.  Specific goals are formulated and addressed in each session.  When clinically appropriate or upon request, referrals are made to community counselors for individuals who have specific needs that may benefit from being addressed by a counselor who has a particular expertise in that area.

Crisis Intervention

Agency Rehabilitation Supervisors serve as the after-hours “on-call” personnel. Clinical staff or persons served may directly contact on-call staff to overt a crisis or for help intervene in unexpected or difficult situations. Crisis situations may be resolved over the phone or in person and when necessary utilize a team approach to mange these types of situations. The on-call person may utilize on-site staff, other supervisors, the agency nurse, consulting psychiatrist, family members, community resources or others resources as needed.