Dr. Kamal Modir Retires from Stepping Stones

Members of the board of directors, staff, clients and other guests gathered at the Mildred Kral Rehabilitation Center on the afternoon of July 15th to thank Dr. Modir for his 24 years of service and wish him well in retirement. He was the organization’s first psychiatrist and helped to establish Stepping Stones’ identity.

According to CEO Stephen Langley, “Dr. Modir brought an important degree of independence and clinical competence to Stepping Stones immediately upon joining the organization. He was an experienced psychiatrist who had already worked at Singer Mental Health Center, and other hospitals, for a number of years before coming to us. This made him an exceptional choice to work with folks with chronic mental illnesses, the individuals we have always served. His experience was integral in raising our level of clinical competence and improving treatment outcomes. Dr. Modir’s tenure was a key component to our success and contributed greatly to the growth of the organization over the years. Dr. Modir allowed us to be secure in psychiatric coverage at times when so many other organizations were struggling to obtain or retain psychiatrists. We were fortunate that Dr. Modir joined us, have been blessed to have him with us all these years and have never looked back.”